Malachi’s Story

“I like it here. I get to express my feelings.”

“I came here because I had aggression. I would punch people and curse at them.”

Malachi just turned eight and has been living at Hoffman Homes for three months, to help him cope with some things that happened in his past. A smart and curious second grader, he has a ready smile and a quick sense of humor. Being at Hoffman Homes gives him the feeling of security—and a sense of home—that he needs to heal. “My favorite things are the playground and talking with Miss Patty,” he says. Malachi likes talking with his therapist “because I get to express my feelings.”

Another of Malachi’s favorite things: pet therapy. “They have all kinds of animals, and their fur is so soft.” Malachi especially likes Larry the rabbit, because “I get to carry him, and he feels so nice against my cheek,” he says. “In pet and horse therapy, we talk about pets and learn about pets … but the best part is getting to be with them.” The part he doesn’t love? Cleaning up after them! But he knows that taking good care of them is part of being a good friend.

In many ways, Malachi is a typical kid. He loves animals, playing football and video games. But when asked what he’s most happy about, right this minute, his answer is startling: “I’m happy that my mom just got out of jail.” His time at Hoffman Homes is giving him and his family the chance at a brighter future by teaching Malachi how to understand, cope with, and safely express his feelings. “I learned to take deep breaths, so you won’t get mad,” he says.

Malachi’s wish for Hoffman Homes, though, is just what you’d expect. When asked if there was something he’d like to have here that we don’t, he doesn’t hesitate: “A PlayStation,” he says. “Just not with the violent games.”

About Hoffman Homes for Youth

Our Story

Founded in 1910, Hoffman Homes for Youth is a not-for-profit residential treatment facility in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, providing comprehensive psychiatric care, treatment  and education to emotionally and behaviorally troubled children. Your partnership ensures that we can continue to offer vital, life-affirming help and healing for these most vulnerable of kids, giving them a chance at a brighter future.

How you can help:

NEW for Businesses—EITC Tax Credits!

Hoffman Homes’ Hoffman Academy, our on-site special education school, has been designated an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) by the state of PA, approved for funding through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. On or about July 1 of each year, for a minimal investment of time, qualifying businesses can take their state tax dollars and invest them in the education of our Hoffman Academy students.

As a Pennsylvania business owner, you can direct 75% or 90% of your state tax liability to be donated to Hoffman Homes, Inc. and benefit from a qualifying charitable contribution at the same time. At no cost to your business, you can help rewrite our children’s stories.

 Financial Contributions

Sponsorship of our ongoing fundraising events — including our annual “Run for a Reason” Family 5K Fun Run/Walk, our annual Golf Benefit and our annual gala — as well as planned and direct gifts to Hoffman Homes support our ongoing operations to ensure that our full-range of therapeutic services, including our innovative art, pet, and horse therapy programs continues uninterrupted.

In-Kind Donations

Throughout the year, we welcome donations of self-care products (shampoo, soap, hair brushes, combs, hair accessories, etc.) for the children in our care. Donations of creative therapy supplies — pet and horse food and care products; art supplies; and gardening tools and materials — are also much appreciated.

Rite Aid’s KidCents Program

This program allows customers to “round up” their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate change to Hoffman Homes by using their free wellness card. Simply go to to select Hoffman Homes as your “round up” beneficiary and, if needed, register for a free card.

Share in our story and change lives

Your support offers hope and healing—and a new future—for the children in our care. To meet with our CFO to discuss EITC participation, to learn more about our program needs, or to arrange a personalized tour, please call our Development Office at 717-359-7148, ext. 4502. Visit us online at